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Apparently the thing I was thinking about when I woke up and as I was hanging out at my apartment by myself were one in the same. It was my little guy, Gibbs.

This morning was an early morning again. That meant that my alarm clock was going off at 3:45am. Yay! Ok…so, not really yay. The “Yay!” part comes in the fact that I have a job to get up early for instead of not having any job at all.

Anyway, this is the little guy cuddled with me this morning. He loves to help me wake up gently in the morning.



He was just so cute snuggled up with me that it was super hard to leave this morning, BUT I had to.

On my way to work, I figured I would take a picture of proof that I was up and on my way to work that early.



See…I told you so!

Tomorrow morning I get to sleep a little later. 6am, here I come!

Night, y’all!


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My little guy, Gibbs, woke me up early this morning. No earlier than I anticipated him to wake me up, but it was nice to snuggle with him in bed.
Oh wait, I have neglected to tell you that Gibbs is my 4-legged baby. He is a Schnoodle and I love him to bits. We love to snuggle on Sunday mornings.

Sunday Fun Day


Take a look at my picture and take a guess as to what I did this morning. It’s my favorite part of the week!

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