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Biltmore Extravaganza!

Yesterday, my family and I went to the Biltmore House in Asheville, NC. Well…I should say my parents and “family friends,” but I claim them as family because they are so awesome! You see, the last time I went to the Biltmore Estate, I was probably around six or seven years old.

That was a long time ago.

I was much too young to have sampled the delicious wine or to have truly enjoyed the food that the Biltmore Estate has to offer.

Since I was there last, many more rooms have been added to the tour and they have a self guided audio tour now as well that provided us with lots of history about each room in the house as well as the people who lived and visited in each room.

When we first got there, it was snowing. Yes, snowing!! I was like a five year old at Christmas! I LOVE the snow, and seeing the Biltmore House in the snow was like icing on the cake!

Unfortunately, we were not able to take photographs inside the house, but I was able to get several exterior photographs.

Attached and to the right of the house, was the barn. Well, it used to be a barn. Now it houses a gift shop and a confectionary where people were able to get souvenirs and sweet treats. Yum!

When we came back out, it was no longer snowing, but the wind was incredibly harsh. It was hovering around 30 degrees.

I named the lions on either side of the front door Leo and Lena. Oh yeah, those names are going to stick!

I forgot how intricate the details of the house are. It is incredible that a house of this magnitude actually housed a family. A baby was born here, there was a family for 5 St. Bernard dogs here, and there were frequent visitors that stayed for weeks at a time. They would swim in the lighted (underwater that is) pool and exercise in the fully equipped gym.

To the right of the front door, you can see on the first level roof that there is a glass roof. This is directly over the indoor “winter garden.”

Here is a closer look…

It is so cool to me that even in the 1800s, the technology that there was in this time.

Then, there is the spiral staircase. It was probably one of my favorite parts of the house. Of course, I was only able to take a picture of it from outside of the house, but it is still as beautiful.

So beautiful!!

The experience of the Biltmore would not have been as fun without my family. Mom, Dad, Larry, Diann, and Leslie were all there with me and I would not have been able to go without each of them.

There is nothing better than family and friends. Life would not be nearly as exciting or  wonderful without friends and family. This was after our tour. We were waiting on the shuttle to take us back to our parking lot so we could go have lunch. At this point, we were famished!

Then, it was on to the Bistro at Antler Hill Village  where we had an INCREDIBLE meal complete with appetizers and dessert, each part being my favorite, and I’m going to make you wait for that one.


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Words to live by

“Let me be patient, let me be kind.

Let me be unselfish, without being blind.


I may have faith, to make mountains fall,

but if I lack love, then I am nothing at all.”


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