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Do you ever look up at the sky and just wonder how in the world the earth got so beautiful?

Sometimes, I forget to stop, take a breath, and appreciate the world around me, and then this happens. I look up and notice the beautiful blue sky, the fluffy, white clouds, and the sun shining brightly. It makes me stop to think and appreciate that I have a day such as this to walk and talk and share with everyone around me.

Think about all the differences you can make in a single day. Differences that you may not know you make such as a simple eye contact and smile. What does it hurt you to smile at someone you pass on the street? It might brighten their day and make you feel a little bit better.

So, my suggestion to myself, from now on is stop and breath. Realize that the world is bigger than me and appreciate what the Lord has given me.


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My dad constantly asks when I take all of my pictures…well, if he knew, then i wouldn’t get cute ones like these. This is another reason that I love family and the holidays so much!

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Santa came EARLY!!

Every year, my parents ask me what I want for Christmas, and every year I say, “Oh, I would love to have this or that,” but there is nothing in that list which is pertinent or even remotely interesting…that is, for the most part. However, this year, I asked for something BIG. At least big for my standards and my parents were so sweet to oblige.

AND, you want to know the best part? They said to have it shipped to me!

WOO HOO!!! Christmas in November!!

Take a look at what I asked for…

I know, the suspense is killing you, right?

You get ONE guess…surely you can get it.

Oh come on, you’ve got it now, right?

That’s right! A KitchenAid Stand Mixer!! 🙂

Isn’t “she” a beauty? Now, I have to name her…any suggestions?

How about Sugar?

No…too obvious…




No, probably not good to follow Gwenyeth Paltrow’s daughter’s name.

I don’t know what I’m going to name her, but I love her already. We are bonding…”That’s right darlin’, we are going to make lots and lots of cupcakes, cakes, cookies, etc. together. No, I’ll never leave you.”

I have to sweet talk her a little bit.

Look at her, poised and ready to bake!

(And yes, I know…my pink plaid pajamas, don’t you love them! I know I do!)

Hmmm….what should I make first? Any suggestions?

Thanks Mom and Dad! Erm, I mean “Santa!”

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Today is the Day

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Remember, today is a day to be with family and friends. To eat food which adds approximately 2 inches to the circumference of our waste, but HEY! Deal with that tomorrow.

For now, just remember why we have this holiday. Remember that family and friends are the most important thing. Remember this holiday is to say THANK YOU for all the things in our life, big and small. Each thing you appreciate is something you (and I) should take into consideration on this day.

We may not have the largest house or the newest car or the most fashionable clothes, but the things I have today and everyday are family, friends, food, a home, a car, an education, an intense work ethic, not one, but two jobs and I am thankful for each of those things. Whether the material things are out-dated or not, I’m thankful.

Think about it. What are you thankful for?


Happy Thanksgiving!!

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So…I have just been informed of the “Occupy Movement,” and just as a warning, this may be a bit controversial.

This is something that is taking place all over the country. It originated in New York City where protesters initiated a nonviolent protest at Wal-Mart. You know, that monster of a store that is taking over the nation and our lives? Yeah, that one. It is not just picking on Wal-Mart, but on the banks and multinational corporations which have taken a grip on our economy and has gradually guided it down the drain, all the while, taking each one of us American down with it. After a bit of research, this movement began on September 17, 2011 with “Occupy Wall Street.” According to the Occupy Wall Street website, all forms of nonviolent protest is encouraged by this organization of people because they strive for the safety of the people involved and simply put, they want to make a MASSIVE difference. They are willing to fight for what they believe in.

The entire protesting sequence is encouraging people to have one day, just one day, where they do NOT purchase a SINGLE thing.

I don’t know how how that would be for you, but think about it. Going one day without buying a single thing could potentially be quite difficult. No clothes, no shoes, no appliances, no jewelry, no gadgets, no technology, and even more importantly no groceries. Nothing. Avoid shopping for the entire 24 hours. I wonder how many people this movement will reach? What could be the potential effects? Could you imagine just going to a store an walking around to find that you are the only one there? That would be super crazy!

Anyway, I think it is cool.

Why? Well, because think of the effects that it would have on the store. Especially the “big boys.” I’m no economist or business guru, but I imagine that it would throw their daily cycle off quite a bit. Especially since these massive corporations are planning on being chock full of people. They have staff there to cover the floor and registers, extra stock to satisfy the rush of people that they anticipate to flood the stores on this particular weekend. With “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday,” it would be quite a shocker to the system to have no people at their location.

Another thing that I think is incredibly is that this movement is not only in the United States, but it is spreading like wild fire all over the world. Wow. What an impact this is having on the world. This strategy is popping up all over the nation with approximately 100 US cities taking place and has spread all over the world with a grand total of approximately 1500 cities worldwide participating.


Can we change the world from the ground up? I mean, we are the 99%. The 99% who aren’t making the big bucks and who dominate the population with shear size. I’m interested to hear what you have to say.

Please, share. Read up on it yourself and tell me what you think. I’m all for small business. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and society. That is what the US is built on and if you look back in history, small business is what our focus should be.

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On Saturday night, my roomate, Amanda, and I went to a Justin Moore concert at Coyote Joes in Charlotte. It was quite the experience to be had.

Of course we are both southern women who enjoy our country music and are always up for an opportunity to put on jeans and boots. Generally we go to this bar just to do some quality people watching. There are always a selection of specimen who catch our attention for amusement…let’s just say that this time was no exception. First, we listened to a band called “Out of the Blue,” who plays at Coyote Joes quite frequently…every week, three times a week, in fact. They are always enjoyable and do a variety of songs which has yet to disappoint us.

However, this night was turning out to be an interesting night all the way around.

We had two fellas who were standing behind us who were trying to talk to us the whole time, lots of people watching to do, and Justin didn’t come on the stage until 11. 30pm. Yeah, that’s late. Not. Cool. Especially when the opening band, “Out of the Blue” had left the stage at approximately 9.30. It was quite a long wait for him to come on stage.


However, when Justing did finally come on stage, he did an amazing job! We had a great standing spot and as the night continued it got better and better. The people in front of us would have to go to the bathroom or need another drink or something else like that and they would leave, so we would step forward and into their places. Amanda and I had a blast, just having a girls night out.


I mean, it was country music and would could have ALMOST just reached out and touched Justin during the show and we had each other. It was tons of fun! The thing that made it even better was that we had a really, really cute guitar/back up singer to look at all night…


…the picture does not do this guy justice. He was SUPER cute. Completely not either one of our respective “types,” but he was good to look at none-the-less.

So, after sweating out tails off, we headed out a bit early to beat the crowd and get home to take a shower…eek! We were absolutely disgusting!! Now we are just looking for another concert to attend!!

PS- I apologize for the poor photo quality, they were taken from my phone in a dark and unpredictable lighting situation, and let’s just say that drunk people knocking into me left and right did not help the situation at all either.

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A Birthday Present

My father’s birthday was on October 15 and on that day, my mom, sister, and myself gave him a present for a Richard Petty Driving experience at Lowe’s Motor Speedway in Charlotte. The way it works is his gift card gives him the opportunity to ride a long with a Nascar driver.

Super. Fun.
Well, there are only a couple of days that they allow for the ride alongs to take place. I believe about once a month. So, we decided that this Saturday was when we would go.
Mom and Dad came by my apartment to pick me up early in the morning so that we could ride together to the race track. We arrived at Lowe’s Motor Speedway just before nine o’clock. We had to check in with security and get the pass registered with the staff, then it was time for daddy to get dressed.
First, he had to take off his boots. Needless to say, he said he wished he had worn different shoes for the ease of removal.
And step…
…by step…
…by step…
…by step he got dressed and then…
pouf! He was all dressed!
Then came the part that I thought was the most hilarious. They call it a head sock.
Oh. My. Goodness.
Then came the helmet…
There was this cute little girl who put dad’s helmet on and tightened the chin strap. Then, there was a neck support that was put on his shoulders and it clipped in on the helmet.
Oh boy, was it an outfit!
Then, it was time to load up in the car. My dad is a tall man…and that is a small window. I was wondering how in the world He was going to climb into the car and if they (by chance) added a door to a race car.
Well, no luck for the chance part…there was no door.
Just the window.
Well…this is how it went…
In with the first leg.
Then the other leg…and it turned into a limbo competition.
Then, he was in the car. He looks so official!
And they’re off!
Dad is going FAST!! Approximately 160 mph fast!!
And they return.
His hair got ruffled a little bit, but he looks like he had fun…at least a little bit of fun! Mom and I did too. We had so much fun watching him and chatting between each other.

 Now…he wants to drive the race car. Go figure!
Happy Birthday (again!) Pop!!

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