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Wildlife of Wyoming

Recently, my family and I went on a vacation out west to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I have been privileged enough to travel a great deal this year and I have to say that I have enjoyed every stop, but Wyoming has been one of my favorite spots.

Look how beautiful it is…

I love how the mountains jut up out of the ground. There are no foot hills and no gradual incline…it is as if the mountains simply appear out of nowhere. These are the Teton mountains and they are a new love of mine.

All over the place, there are all sorts of wild animals that people stop on the side of the road to take pictures. In fact, there are times where people have to stop in the middle of the road in order for elk or bison or prong-horn antelope to cross the road.

These, of course, are bison or buffalo.

Then, we saw some prong horn antelope. They never came close enough to get a great picture, but these animals were the ones we saw the most often.

Later that day, we saw some elk. They were even further away…but we tried to get a picture of them anyway.

And…the biggest find of the trip was seeing a momma Grizzly Bear and her three cubs. It was so cute to see the little cubs scampering behind and in front of their mother as she constantly watches over them as they play.

As we traveled around, we were able to see all of the different animals at different times, but really they were everywhere! The one animal that I wish I could have see was a moose, but there was not a moose to be seen by me. Maybe I’ll just have to take another trip out to Wyoming just to see a moose. I have heard that they are massive animals and that their antlers are of incredible size.

Maybe one day…I dream of it!

Much Love,

The Dreamer


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