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On Saturday night, my roomate, Amanda, and I went to a Justin Moore concert at Coyote Joes in Charlotte. It was quite the experience to be had.

Of course we are both southern women who enjoy our country music and are always up for an opportunity to put on jeans and boots. Generally we go to this bar just to do some quality people watching. There are always a selection of specimen who catch our attention for amusement…let’s just say that this time was no exception. First, we listened to a band called “Out of the Blue,” who plays at Coyote Joes quite frequently…every week, three times a week, in fact. They are always enjoyable and do a variety of songs which has yet to disappoint us.

However, this night was turning out to be an interesting night all the way around.

We had two fellas who were standing behind us who were trying to talk to us the whole time, lots of people watching to do, and Justin didn’t come on the stage until 11. 30pm. Yeah, that’s late. Not. Cool. Especially when the opening band, “Out of the Blue” had left the stage at approximately 9.30. It was quite a long wait for him to come on stage.


However, when Justing did finally come on stage, he did an amazing job! We had a great standing spot and as the night continued it got better and better. The people in front of us would have to go to the bathroom or need another drink or something else like that and they would leave, so we would step forward and into their places. Amanda and I had a blast, just having a girls night out.


I mean, it was country music and would could have ALMOST just reached out and touched Justin during the show and we had each other. It was tons of fun! The thing that made it even better was that we had a really, really cute guitar/back up singer to look at all night…


…the picture does not do this guy justice. He was SUPER cute. Completely not either one of our respective “types,” but he was good to look at none-the-less.

So, after sweating out tails off, we headed out a bit early to beat the crowd and get home to take a shower…eek! We were absolutely disgusting!! Now we are just looking for another concert to attend!!

PS- I apologize for the poor photo quality, they were taken from my phone in a dark and unpredictable lighting situation, and let’s just say that drunk people knocking into me left and right did not help the situation at all either.


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My very first…..

This weekend was a weekend of fun, family, and friends. I had a wonderful time with some of the most important people in my life creating memories and having the times of our lives. I went to my very first concert. It was a country concert and I don’t think that I could have chosen a better concert to go to for my first concert. It was a Chris Young concert at Johnny and June’s bar in Winston-Salem on Friday, February 11.

We were incredibly close to the stage, almost to the point that I could reach out and touch the stage. He was an awesome entertainer, not to mention that he was incredibly attractive.

He had an incredible smile. He not only smiled with is mouth, but with his eyes. His eyes sparkled and he had these cute creases around his mouth when he smiled. Can you tell…I’m crushing on him! I guess that is to be expected with my first concert. He was great and I want to see him in concert again. I’m addicted. Completely and totally addicted to concerts and I can’t wait to go to another one.

I went with my friends Ashley and Matt and a few other people who aren’t pictured here. We had a an awesome time and I don’t think I would have wanted to go with anyone else. We danced and sang and hollered and just had a great big ol’ time listenin’ to country music. We all wore our cowboy boots and got all dolled up. Can’t wait for another one.

After getting home from the concert, I went to my hometown to see my folks and have a little family time. We went shopping and had dinner at home together and then I met up with a friend of mine to get coffee and catch up. Then, church this morning and a nap this afternoon. It was a wonderful weekend, like I said friends, family, and fun. I could have another couple of days of each of those things, but I won’t be having more days like this weekend for a little while.

On my way back up the mountain today I was able to open my windows and sunroof because it was so warm. It was super weird because it is February. Anyway, it was beautiful and I enjoyed the drive tremendously. It is the small things on a day-to-day basis that I am enjoying more and more. God is good!

Catch you up in a couple of days,

~Ireland Dreamer

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