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Do you ever just have a craving for chocolate and fruity yumminess?

I have to say I always have those cravings. I live to eat, particularly sweet things covered in even more sweetness. Starting with strawberries, first of all…yum. They are one of my favorite fruits. Add the chocolate to them and they shoot straight to the top of my favorite fruits list.

I started with beautiful, yummy strawberries and added this fancy Baker’s melting, dipping chocolate.

Then I dipped the beautiful strawberries into this yummy chocolate, laid them on wax paper covered cooling rack and stuck them into the fridge.

This was the finished product…



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More Cupcakes!

Over the past 2 months, I have made dozens upon dozens of cupcakes.

My poor roommate.

Oh goodness, we have eaten our own weight in cupcakes, which is not good for the waistline. however it is nice to know that even though my roomie is a wellness/nutrition freak, it is awesome to know that she indulges in the yummy little things too. You know, like normal people!

Anyway, this time around, I made a chocolate cupcake with marshmallow cream frosting.

Can everyone say YYYYYUUUUUUMMMM!!

Thank you Hershey’s for yummy chocolate with which to bake!

They are pretty AND taste good! A double whammy!

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