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Blue Raspberry

This week, Matthew and I were beginning to make cookies when we realized that there were lots and lots of cookies in the refrigerator. So, instead we decided to make something blue, sweet, and jiggly…

Jello Jigglers to be exact. Yummmm!!

Matthew poured the powder and  while the water heated, he stuck his finger into the powder to taste its sweetness.

Of course by adding the water, we had to keep stirring it for 3 whole minutes. That was difficult for Chef Matthew to do as he wanted to continue sticking his finger into the mixture, but he sure was proud of himself when we completed the task.

The difficult thing was knowing that the jello had to sit in the refrigerator for 4 hours before he could eat it. Now, try telling that to a proud (and hungry) 4 year old.

Well, at least when dinner came around, he could have his Jello Jigglers for desert!


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