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Apparently the thing I was thinking about when I woke up and as I was hanging out at my apartment by myself were one in the same. It was my little guy, Gibbs.

This morning was an early morning again. That meant that my alarm clock was going off at 3:45am. Yay! Ok…so, not really yay. The “Yay!” part comes in the fact that I have a job to get up early for instead of not having any job at all.

Anyway, this is the little guy cuddled with me this morning. He loves to help me wake up gently in the morning.



He was just so cute snuggled up with me that it was super hard to leave this morning, BUT I had to.

On my way to work, I figured I would take a picture of proof that I was up and on my way to work that early.



See…I told you so!

Tomorrow morning I get to sleep a little later. 6am, here I come!

Night, y’all!


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Early Mornings

Today was an early day. I had to be at work at 5am today, so I had the privilege of seeing the sun rise. It was a beautiful morning and it turned out to be a nice day. I always love seeing the pink, blue, and purple in the sunrise, however I don’t like seeing power lines in the sunrise…sorry for that.

As I was on my way to work this morning I began feeling grumpy for having to be up so early. When I say early, I mean that my alarm clock went off at 3:45am.

Yes, that early.

When I began griping about having to be at work so early, I began thanking God for my job as well as having a short commute to work. I also began thanking God for the fact that I can drive to work, rather than walk, and for the woman I work with at 5am because she is always so chipper in the mornings. She is a pleasure to work with and I appreciate her.

When the sun came up, I decided I wanted to take a picture of the sunrise to remind myself to be thankful for the sunrise and all that it brings. The fact that it mean the start of a new day and new opportunities is amazing.

What are you thankful for today?


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Do you ever feel like time is just passing you by? Like your life is on the big screen at a movie theater and you are sitting in the audience watching your daily interactions. Do you ever think, “Wow, that was a good move!,” or maybe, “Eww, that was not cool. Better try harder next time.” Sometimes I stop and take a look back at my life and say, “Man, I got really pissed over nothing. I wish that I hadn’t said that.”

Some days, I feel like I have more control than others.

Control over my emotions. Control over my tongue. Control over my destiny.

Or do I?

After much encouragement by my father, I have begun to try to do a daily devotional. Well, ultimately it is supposed to be a daily devotional, but at this point, it is really more of an every two to three day devotional. I have gotten so out of the practice of sitting down and spending time with God.

I’m trying to get better Dad, really.

Maybe once I get better at doing a regular devotional (preferably daily), I will have more clarity on what comes “next.”

Anyway, back to the topic at hand.

I was reading a daily devotional today. I usually just go online and search “daily devotional” and whatever pops up and looks interesting, I click on it, read it, think about it, compare the scripture to my Bible, and then write something. Anything, really.

Ironically, today’s devotional hit the nail on the proverbial head. The passage comes from James 1:19-21 and it reads, “19 My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry, 20 because human anger does not produce the righteousness that God desires. 21 Therefore, get rid of all moral filth and the evil that is so prevalent and humbly accept the word planted in you, which can save you.”

Yep. So, this takes me back to my previous statement of wanting to be able to rewind the day, tap myself on the shoulder and say, “uh, uh, uh…Do you really want to say that?” and if I still choose not to listen, a punch might suffice.

I need daily reminding of biting my tongue and being a listener first. I think this an excellent reminder for me because it I can quiet all of the noise, chatter, and distractions going on in my brain and shut up to listen sometimes, I might be able to hear God’s whispers. You know, sometimes He whispers, and sometimes He roars. This passage was a ROAR to me. I needed to shut up and listen to the whispers He is breathing into my ears and the hopes, dreams, and sacrifices he is laying on my heart.

When was the last time you let go of the control and listened to the whispers from God?

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Today was my first day in the Servant Leadership Academy at the Y.

This is a program that helps develop leaders in out Y community. It helps us develop our skills of being a leader and allows us to reflect upon our experiences to make us who we are as employees so that we can learn how to structure our leadership style around what we feel is important.

It was entertaining and fun. I’m learning more and more about myself each day.

One of the main ways that we assess our leadership skill is finding out what our strengths are as people using Gallup’s Strengths Finder personality inventory.

It’s quite impressive really.

I took the assessment about a year ago when I was trying to figure out what I want to do when I “grow up” to see if that would help me narrow the field. Well…it didn’t exactly do that.

However, what it did do was reaffirm what I believed to be my strengths and showed me what I look like in the work place an in my personal life as well.

There are 34 personality factors that this inventory has identified. After taking being provided the book by my place of employment…the Y…and using the code in the back of the book, the online assessment provided me with my top 5 strengths. Here they are:

1- Includer

2- Positivity

3- Empathy

4- Responsibility

5- Restorative

Quite a collections I suppose, however after reading the descriptions of these descriptors, it hit the “nail on the head,” so to speak, for me. Most of these are pretty self-explanatory, but my fifth strength is the one that I kept getting caught up on because I didn’t know right off the bat what it meant.

Restorative means that I’m good at, and I like to, solve problems. The top three are that I enjoy other people and I want to make everyone feel warm and fuzzy. Also, that I try to put myself in another person’s shoes and make it as positive as possible.

At my training today, I realized that in my leadership style, responsibility and empathy battle on a regular basis.


That will be something that I have to keep in check and make sure to focus on balancing because it can be destructive in the workplace.

Also, I have to remind the instructor, which by the way, happens to be the VP of our Y community. He’s hilarious. Anyway, he asked me about my interest in programing and told him that I love to execute it, but creating the ideas is NOT in my strengths.

If someone else would come up with the ideas, talk them over with me then say, “Here you go!” I would execute the programs excellently, but to ask me to come up with innovative ideas for programs, and I’m screwed. Simply put.

Tomorrow is Day 2.

We shall see how it goes!

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Today, I was flipping through the TV Guide at home. I didn’t have anything in mind that I wanted to watch so I was hoping that something would catch my eye.

Needless to say, it did.

I saw the words “Pit Bull.” Then it was all over for me. I have a love for Pit Bull Terriers. I think they are beautiful, intelligent, hard-working, misunderstood dogs. Most people I talk to are scared of these dogs because they have such a bad wrap, but my heart goes out to them because they are so incredibly misunderstood.

The show that I came upon on Animal Planet is…

Pit Bulls & Parolees. That’s right, parolees. People who have just come out of prison. Both of these groups know the feeling of neglect, forgotten, and being caged.

Tia Torres is a woman who started a sanctuary for pit bulls and she hires the guys who are recently out of prison. They do incredible work with rescuing dogs that otherwise wouldn’t have a chance. Not only does she give the dogs a second chance, but she gives the men a second chance.

Everyone deserves a second chance, right? I think so.

Anyway, she and her family have in possession around 200 pit bulls and pit bull mixes. Some of these dogs will live the remainder of their life at her sanctuary because they can not be adopted out because they are dangerous. There are so many others that are looking for their forever homes. It breaks my heart to see so many dogs who have been terribly mistreated and abused by their owners.

This is an amazing thing that these people doing. No one is worth giving up on, and because of this woman, there are dogs who have found homes with loving families and the men who have made bad decisions in the past have also found a family with the people with whom they work.

A rehabilitation all the way around.

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Merry Christmas

It’s the time of year where ample baking takes place. There is egg nog in the grocery store and candles are lit that fill the room with the smell of Christmas. The tree is lit and adorned with ornaments from Christmases past and presents are piled underneath the tree. There are carols on the radio that have stood the test of time and are still enjoyed by children of all ages. We go to church to see old friends and meet new friends. We worship together, play together, and party together.

This is what we refer to the spirit of Christmas.

All through this season, we bake cookies, cakes, and all sorts of sweet treats to share with our friends and family to express our love and appreciation. We linger a little longer in conversations that we would normally cut short. We take the time to not only ask the questions, but wait for the answers. Although there is hustle and bustle in the stores, I find myself strolling through the mall looking at the decorations and watching the children in line waiting to speak with Santa.

What is Christmas about? Why is there such a hype?

Of course we all know that this is Jesus’ birthday. He was born in a lowly manger filled with hay, surrounded by animals. A baby, but not just any baby, The Baby. That is what this season is about. The little babe who was born in a stable in Bethlehem who in the end saved us all.

Its about family and friends and sharing love with each other. Its about taking the time to appreciate what you have and realizing what the important things are in life.

I realize more and more each day to cherish those important things. To take the time to appreciate them is the key so that those people know that you care about them. Remember that.

Merry Christmas!

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My dad constantly asks when I take all of my pictures…well, if he knew, then i wouldn’t get cute ones like these. This is another reason that I love family and the holidays so much!

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