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Wildlife of Wyoming

Recently, my family and I went on a vacation out west to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I have been privileged enough to travel a great deal this year and I have to say that I have enjoyed every stop, but Wyoming has been one of my favorite spots.

Look how beautiful it is…

I love how the mountains jut up out of the ground. There are no foot hills and no gradual incline…it is as if the mountains simply appear out of nowhere. These are the Teton mountains and they are a new love of mine.

All over the place, there are all sorts of wild animals that people stop on the side of the road to take pictures. In fact, there are times where people have to stop in the middle of the road in order for elk or bison or prong-horn antelope to cross the road.

These, of course, are bison or buffalo.

Then, we saw some prong horn antelope. They never came close enough to get a great picture, but these animals were the ones we saw the most often.

Later that day, we saw some elk. They were even further away…but we tried to get a picture of them anyway.

And…the biggest find of the trip was seeing a momma Grizzly Bear and her three cubs. It was so cute to see the little cubs scampering behind and in front of their mother as she constantly watches over them as they play.

As we traveled around, we were able to see all of the different animals at different times, but really they were everywhere! The one animal that I wish I could have see was a moose, but there was not a moose to be seen by me. Maybe I’ll just have to take another trip out to Wyoming just to see a moose. I have heard that they are massive animals and that their antlers are of incredible size.

Maybe one day…I dream of it!

Much Love,

The Dreamer


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Freezer Jam

Recently, I made Peach Freezer Jam. This was my first time to make freezer jam at all, and I know most people tend to go for strawberry or blueberry, but me? Well, I went for peach!

It was a lot of fun to make, and quite easy…

First, I started with all of my ingredients…of course.

…and of course the most important ingredient…the peaches!

I got my peaches fresh from an orchard in my hometown. I had TONS of peaches and I needed to do something with some of them, otherwise, they would go bad…and we wouldn’t want that now would we?

Anyway…it was tons of fun and the recipe made a lot more than I realized that it would so I have it in the freezer of course.


I finished the first jar in no time and I will gradually take another jar out, and another jar out as I see fit.

Thankfully, I can keep the jars in the freezer for up to a year…and lucky for me, I put the date on a piece of tape and stuck it to the top of each jar.

But, the problem with this entire “little” project I had for myself was the mess.


At least the product was worth the mess!

With love,

The Dreamer

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Current Events

Last weekend, I visited some of my very best friends from college. They all live in Charlotte where I will be moving in about a week…I can’t believe it is already here. My, my…

Anyway, topic at hand…I visited some of my best friends in Charlotte last weekend and we did all sorts of fun things while I was there. One of those things included going to Orange Leaf, a low-fat frozen yogurt store where you serve yourself and you can add toppings and everything! It was sooooo scrumptious that I have to share a picture with you…

This is just a small portion of the delicious, melt in my mouth sensations I was having as I ate this little treat. It was cheesecake frozen yogurt with fresh fruit on top. I was in absolute HEAVEN! It was the perfect amount of sweetness with sour that I needed at the time. This took place just after a spur-of-the-moment interview at the Y and just before a nanny interview. It was my little slice of heaven for the day. Now that I am moving close to such an awesome place, I am sure to gain 20 pounds.

Not good.

Oh well…at least I will be enjoying every pound I put on!

Another place that we ate was at Brixx. It is a great pizza/pasta joint that I haven’t been to in over 5 years. Amanda and I met up with our close friend AJ to eat dinner before our night out on the town (I’ll fill you in about that in just a moment). At Brixx we had a coupon for a free appetizer. We decided to order the Bruschetta and it was an absolutely beautiful plate.

See?? So pretty!

The best part about it was that it tasted as good as it looked and of course AJ and Amanda thought I was nuts for taking a picture of food….if they only knew how many pictures I have of food in my photo library…they would be embarrassed for me.

Later that night, we decided to get all dolled up and head out on the town. It was definitely a night to remember….I’ll put it that way.

Ok…I’ll start at the beginning.

Amanda and I went home after dinner and shower and got dolled up. We had a glass of wine a piece then headed over to AJ’s place to hang out with a couple of friends before we went downtown. Well, it ended up being just five of us at AJ’s place which was perfect…we aren’t into the big flashy, crazy scene. In fact, Amanda and I hadn’t been out in quite sometime. Then, we headed downtown for the night. I ended up scraping my body up pretty badly in all sorts of places, smacking my head on the ground, and getting a badly sprained ankle that I will probably be paying for over the next week or two. Have I ever mentioned how graceful I am?

I know, most of you think I had an extra glass of wine, but that was not the case. I was stone cold sober. Rather, it was the combination of the heels and the cobblestone walkway that did not bode well for me. Oh my….I think I have learned my lesson.

No more heels!

Actually, I don’t think that will happen. I have to say, I looked cute….that is before I feel. Oh well!

Maybe I’ll do better next time.

I’m getting better and hopefully the tenderness and bruising will be gone by the time the weekend rolls around where I have to move all of my stuff. That, my friends, would be ideal. I guess I’ll have to wait and see!!

Much Love!

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Life as we know it

I tell you what…time flies, things change, people change, life changes and the experiences that you have help guide you to the next step. Recently, I have been applying, calling, and interviewing for jobs…hoping for an offer that would work, and usually when you get an offer, you might wait a little bit just to make sure it is the right one because you still aren’t sure if it is the right move for you. Well, I have to say, my experience has been a bit different. I have applied for jobs, contacted my potential employers, and then waited. I have had a total of one in person interview and decided to take the job. The other one I turned down was a phone interview and I couldn’t move fast enough. I was offered an opportunity and I took it because it felt right.

Sometimes you get the feeling in the pit of your stomach…down deep. You know that feeling? Well, that is the feeling I got so I took the opportunity. It doesn’t have to be a permanent job, just something for now to give me experience and a reason to move to a city that will provide me with more opportunity than I have ever had at my feet before.

I move from my beloved mountain home of three years to the big city to get lost and find myself all over again.

I am thrilled, excited, and I simply can’t wait.

My move takes place faster than I had planned, but I’m not worried. No, I’m not worried, but excited.

Wish me luck!

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