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Relay For Life Kickoff

So…we didn’t have quite the turn out that we had anticipated, but that’s okay. This is the first annual Relay For Life in this community so we are still trying to get the word out.

Even though as many people didn’t show up as we had hoped for, we were prepared for them. We had Newks to cater the event…THANK YOU NEWKS!!

I made the cupcakes and ACS provided the purple (you will see what I mean).

And more…

I wrote the banners saying Celebrate and Fight Back that are posted on the wall. We had purple balloons, purple table clothes, most wore purple shirts, purple plates, etc., etc.

We had a lot of fun and ate lots of delicious food and were able to reach a couple of people who are new to Relay For Life and hopefully they will spread the word about our event in order to increase the number of people who attend and raise money so that a cure for cancer can be found.

Remember what we are fighting for.


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Santa came EARLY!!

Every year, my parents ask me what I want for Christmas, and every year I say, “Oh, I would love to have this or that,” but there is nothing in that list which is pertinent or even remotely interesting…that is, for the most part. However, this year, I asked for something BIG. At least big for my standards and my parents were so sweet to oblige.

AND, you want to know the best part? They said to have it shipped to me!

WOO HOO!!! Christmas in November!!

Take a look at what I asked for…

I know, the suspense is killing you, right?

You get ONE guess…surely you can get it.

Oh come on, you’ve got it now, right?

That’s right! A KitchenAid Stand Mixer!! 🙂

Isn’t “she” a beauty? Now, I have to name her…any suggestions?

How about Sugar?

No…too obvious…




No, probably not good to follow Gwenyeth Paltrow’s daughter’s name.

I don’t know what I’m going to name her, but I love her already. We are bonding…”That’s right darlin’, we are going to make lots and lots of cupcakes, cakes, cookies, etc. together. No, I’ll never leave you.”

I have to sweet talk her a little bit.

Look at her, poised and ready to bake!

(And yes, I know…my pink plaid pajamas, don’t you love them! I know I do!)

Hmmm….what should I make first? Any suggestions?

Thanks Mom and Dad! Erm, I mean “Santa!”

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