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This was once a blog for two of my college classes. I have decided to keep all of the information here, and available for anyone and everyone to see and use (if they so choose), but now, it is a blog for me. A blog to express my thoughts and feelings and ideas. So, bear with me while I exercise my fingers, and enjoy the company that I may receive for any visitors that i may get from this site. I am excited to be here with you and I am becoming more of an anonymous person here.

I am a girl, a woman really, who is learning about myself and growing through all of my experiences. I am a college student, who in just a few short months will be venturing into an incredible journey. This journey is called life. I am excited, curious, nervous, worried, anxious, overwhelmed, and just plum ready for all the challenges that lie ahead. I am an education major who may or may not teach young children in the classroom, the final decision is left up to God because quite frankly, I don’t know where I will end up. I’m confused about where I am supposed to end up. So, instead of worrying about the final destination, I am focusing on the journey. The day-to-day. The traveling and hard work that lies ahead of me. What I learn along the journey is the most important, and I look forward to that. Every moment of it.


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