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After all the time that has passed, I decided that it was time for my girls and I to get our nails “did.” 

Wait…was that terrible? Okay, so it was. We got our nails done. More specifically our toes. Our toes were soaked, scrubbed, exfoliated, rubbed, then painted and we had SO much fun! 

I chose a bright spring/summer color. Orange!

ImagePlease ignore the bruises on my legs…the coffee table apparently got in my way, multiple times.

Heather came along with us to get her nails done and she chose a wonderful color that I’m going to have to try in the near future. It’s a creamy white…

ImageIt makes me think of New Orleans, which is where I’m headed in mid-June, so get ready for some crazy stories!

Today, I’m thankful for friends. People who support me no matter what. People who I choose to be my family, and in a lot of ways are closer than family. Friends are people you choose to be around even when times get rough and they choose to stick around. I’m grateful to have friends like I do.

What are you thankful for today?



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