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Pottery Festival

Oh my….how I LOVE pottery. It’s an addiction, you know. At least it is for me. Ask anyone who knows me at all. I live for pottery. All colors, shapes, sizes, and uses. Really, living without it is not an option. And really, who has to have pottery that matches?

That’s the beauty of it all…not matching perfectly, but mixing it all up.
Anyway, in my hometown, there is an annual pottery festival where there are over 100 potters from all over North Carolina and they bring such beautiful pieces of functional and decorative pottery. Amazing. I could simply walk through and not buy anything, but of course I did.
There are potters who I always make sure to see because they are my favorite or I know them personally or they fit into both categories. Of course there is some strategy that goes along with the shopping experience. My mother and I use the same method and my dad strolls ahead of us because we usually take too long.
First, we make a round just to see everything and as we do so, we make notes of booth numbers that have something we want to go back to see. Then on the second round, it is purchasing time. If we are lucky, the item we wanted is still there, if not, then it wasn’t meant to be a lasting relationship between us and the pottery, it was more lustful and appreciative of beauty.
This weekend I bought two beautiful pieces.

The first is from one of my favorite potters and a very special friend. It is all neutral, which is unusual for me, but it is a mug. You know how you have to have a mug which fits your hand? Well, this one fits my hand perfectly and the weight is ideal. I’m in love.


The second piece is a baking dish which is more of my style. It is glazed with a chocolate brown and turquoise glazing and it is the perfect roundness and depth. I can’t wait to use it for my favorite stuffed shells recipe. This piece was made by a potter that I am unfamiliar with, but she has been added to my list of potters to watch.



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It’s Pumpkin Time!


I have been waiting for this time. I live for the smells and tastes of fall and winter.
Although, I never realized that it is so hard to find pumpkin in September. Apparently Libby’s canned pumpkin only cans pumpkin about 3 weeks out of the year and I’m about a week too early.
So, I went to organic pumpkin instead. After finding a substitute Libby’s canned pumpkin, I got to work. I made pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. Yum…they are amazing.
Check them out…

Don’t worry! Recipe to follow…be on the look out!

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Homemade Pretzels

Are you looking for something fun and easy to make at home?
I’m not saying that you have to have kids or be around kids a lot for this recipe, however it is kid friendly and I have made pretzel shapes with the children that I nanny for twice now. They love it because they are cooking and making something and it just so happens that it is OKAY for them to get dirty in this one.

All you need is…
1 1/3 cup All purpose flour
1 tap. Honey
1 packet Dry yeast
1 tap. Salt
1 cup Warm water

That’s it!
First preheat the oven to 475 degrees F. Can’t forget that!
All you have to do is out the yeast and honey in the warm water and let it sit while you do everything else.
Start with the flour add the salt then the yeast mixture. Stir everything in and at this time it will be dry.
Now is the time you (and the kids-if there are any) to get dirty so take your rings and watches off ladies and gentlemen and start kneading that dough!
Mash everything together. I always get it mixed up well and if it is still sticky I add some more flour. Then the kids can have at it!

Or you…whichever!
Use a lightly sprayed pan and put those beautiful home creations on there, pop them into the oven for 10-12 minutes…or until golden brown.

This is what they look like before baking…

Serve with honey or jam or my personal favorite, apple butter.

I have to say…I didn’t come up with this recipe, a friend of mine gave it to me. She works at a Y and runs the teaching kitchen. SO fun!

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Birthday Girl

My oh my…how time flies. I can’t believe that the beautiful baby who was born on 09/22/2008 turned three today. Wow. My heart is kind of breaking. This child, my niece, is beautiful now and has always been. She is like a little adult. She speaks so clearly and with such a vast vocabulary.

She started out as this petite little thing that fit into the crook of my arm.

Then, she grew into a ball of personality almost immediately. She never disappointed when it came to making me smile and laugh and did everything she could to get attention.

And now…now, she is a little adult. Beautiful little adult and time has flown by so quickly!

Take a look at the birthday girl now…

Happy 3rd Birthday beautiful girl!

I love you!

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Freezer Jam

Recently, I made Peach Freezer Jam. This was my first time to make freezer jam at all, and I know most people tend to go for strawberry or blueberry, but me? Well, I went for peach!

It was a lot of fun to make, and quite easy…

First, I started with all of my ingredients…of course.

…and of course the most important ingredient…the peaches!

I got my peaches fresh from an orchard in my hometown. I had TONS of peaches and I needed to do something with some of them, otherwise, they would go bad…and we wouldn’t want that now would we?

Anyway…it was tons of fun and the recipe made a lot more than I realized that it would so I have it in the freezer of course.


I finished the first jar in no time and I will gradually take another jar out, and another jar out as I see fit.

Thankfully, I can keep the jars in the freezer for up to a year…and lucky for me, I put the date on a piece of tape and stuck it to the top of each jar.

But, the problem with this entire “little” project I had for myself was the mess.


At least the product was worth the mess!

With love,

The Dreamer

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Life as we know it

I tell you what…time flies, things change, people change, life changes and the experiences that you have help guide you to the next step. Recently, I have been applying, calling, and interviewing for jobs…hoping for an offer that would work, and usually when you get an offer, you might wait a little bit just to make sure it is the right one because you still aren’t sure if it is the right move for you. Well, I have to say, my experience has been a bit different. I have applied for jobs, contacted my potential employers, and then waited. I have had a total of one in person interview and decided to take the job. The other one I turned down was a phone interview and I couldn’t move fast enough. I was offered an opportunity and I took it because it felt right.

Sometimes you get the feeling in the pit of your stomach…down deep. You know that feeling? Well, that is the feeling I got so I took the opportunity. It doesn’t have to be a permanent job, just something for now to give me experience and a reason to move to a city that will provide me with more opportunity than I have ever had at my feet before.

I move from my beloved mountain home of three years to the big city to get lost and find myself all over again.

I am thrilled, excited, and I simply can’t wait.

My move takes place faster than I had planned, but I’m not worried. No, I’m not worried, but excited.

Wish me luck!

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This week, I participated in a new adventure. One that everyone will have gone through at some point or another. You see, it was about time for me to frame a painting that I bought in Salzburg, Austria.

The painting was all rolled up and stuffed in a protective tube, but I was ready to see that city again, more frequently that is…so, I decided to go and get it professionally framed.

There were so many choices that I considered for matting and a frame. Do I get a black frame or a brown frame? Do I get white white or off-white or an accent color? How wide should my frame be? How wide should my matting be? What type of glass do I incorporate? Etc, etc, etc….see, so many questions.

There were several suggestions which was good because remember, I’m a framing virgin so I needed lots and lots of help.

This was one option. Brown frame, off-white matting. This was my initial favorite because the yellow undertone of the matting really brought out the buildings and the frame was sort-of rustic and simple.

This here was another option. I really liked this frame because of the texture and its rusticness. Rusticness…I don’t think that is a word, but I’m going to use it anyway. Anyway, I loved the frame, but the grey matting was too dark and was not what I was looking for for the painting.

There was this frame with the lighter, off-white matting. The frame was awesome because of the rustic texture and the classic look of it, but the downfall to this frame was that it was the top of the line “gallery” frame. I simply couldn’t afford that, but seeing this black frame with the light matting made me realize that I liked the black with this matting. Which lead me to this:

The black, rustic, double-layer frame that I liked from the beginning with the off-white matting with the black beveling. It was perfect!

Of course, I would not have been able to choose these options without the help of the staff in the framing department. They were awesome

I can’t wait to see the finished product of this framing experience.

Don’t worry, I’ll post photos of the completion of this painting to find out what you think because I’m pretty pumped about seeing the finished product. Only a week or so to go!

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